Becoming an Influencer and getting paid seems easy but is actually not. With Onedesign, get the advantage of learning & working with brands right from Day 1. We are accepting entries till July 15th. Apply Now!

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How can I earn through Affiliates Program?

Social Media Followers

If you are followed by more than 1000 real people on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and have atleast 10% average Followers to Likes ratio, you're in!

Quality Content

If you have been producing decent quality, share worthy content, regardless of how many followers you have, we will take you in. 

Interest Based Feed

If your feed has content that reflects a specific interest, like dogs or politics, we will consider you but you will still need to have atleast 500 followers.

Audience Interaction

If you have been doing constant audience interaction and your followers to story views ratio is more than 50%, you will be in!

The Onedesign Advantage.

The Onedesign Affiliates Program comes backed up with a foundation of over 03 years in building brands across the globe. We are pioneers of brand development, growth strategy and creative thinking. Our goal is simple - to create, collaborate and expand together.

Onedesign Affiliates Network

Where every person gets the chance to earn like an influencer by using his/her personal social media accounts. This is the new age of sales driven digital network.

Apply Now

Entry to Onedesign Affiliates Program is based upon validation. The network allows only selected individuals who are keen at creating a professional relationship and are always dedicated to learning. If you are whom we are looking for, click on Apply.

Affiliate Guide

Download the Onedesign Affiliates Guide that gives you detailed walkthrough into starting your Onedesign Journey. We recommend you to download and read it before applying.


What will be your role?

Onedesign Affiliates Program is primarily built to support campaigns small and big. There will be various types of campaigns that may or may not interest you. You get to choose which campaign you want to be a part of.

Brand Building Campaigns

The most recurring campaigns are brand building campaigns where you will be expected to like/support/share posts on SM.

Sales Driving Campaigns

Sales driving campaigns will essentially ask you to create/share  posts that will draw your follower's attention to products.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding Campaigns will essentially ask you to comment, follow and reshare personal profiles for personal branding.

Media Network Campaigns

Media Network Campaigns will ask you to comment your personalised views, engage and create discussions over topics.

Political Campaigns

Social Political Campaigns will ask you to follow, share, retweet and promote political agendas. These may be for parties or individuals.

Content based campaigns

Content based campaigns will expect you to create content based on topics or products for sales or publicity.